Tree Surgeon in Medway and Maidstone

Are you searching for a trained and qualified Tree Surgeon in Medway and Maidstone? Tree Care is part of the Garden Care Group and has developed a reputation for offering the same level of care that you would take to treat your tree since 1989 if you care about horticulture like us. Our way of working has allowed us to grow our team of passionate tree surgeons and gardeners over the last 30-years to continue looking after the environment and our community.

 There's no job too big or small for the Tree Care team. Garden Care offer the following tree services.

  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Lift/Raise
  • Crown Reduction
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Dismantling
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Surgery


Not sure which service you require? No need to worry; we've outlined them below for you. Prefer not to read? You're very welcome to give us a call to discuss the service you need and receive a no-obligation quote. 

Tree Surgeon in Medway and Maidstone Services

My Tree Needs a Haircut Because...

In some ways, trees are like us. We need to be maintained. Our form of maintenance is a haircut, whereas trees require pruning. Just like us, there are different ways to cut hair and prune a tree. But, it depends. 

My Tree Might Fall in a Storm

As your tree is left to grow, it becomes overgrown with competing branches. You might be thinking that trees are supposed to look full. But, avoiding tree thinning can prevent your tree from becoming unhealthy in different areas, being susceptible to damage from storms, and lower the production of leaves and fruits. It’s because tree thinning involves removing some branches to let light into the interior of the crown. It also allows the wind to pass through rather than push through and sunlight to access all crown areas. This process maintains the size and shape of the tree.

My Tree Branches are Too Low

A tree grows up as well as down from the bottom of the crown. These low hanging or sagging trees are unattractive, also likely to cause damage to people, cars and homes. Crown lift or raise protects us and our possessions from Mother Nature. It’s because sagging secondary branches are removed, and therefore, less likely to fall.

My Tree Branches are Too Long

Trees grow, and sometimes we need to make their crown smaller. This is known as crown reduction. It’s a process of cutting secondary branches around the crown to reduce its height and width and improve its shape. If your tree is left alone, dead branches will remain, and they could cause damage to your possessions, leave and fruit production declines, and your home as less of a kerb appeal.

There is extra information about the terminology that we use on Trees.

I Need To Remove My Tree...

Sometimes we feel it's just easier to remove the tree than prune it. And that's absolutely fine. This is why Garden Care offering two ways to remove your tree. So, if you fancy a read, you're still in the right place. 

If you've got a tree in your garden or nearby that you're willing to pay the cost to remove, then you've got two choices. Depending on your desired outcome, Garden Care can grind or dig out the stump. 

I Want My Grass to Grow Over

Stump grinding is ideal for those who'd like grass to grow over the position of the tree. That's because a machine turns it into sawdust and allows us to lay grass over it. This condition is perfect for laying grass to grow, but it does require some management, such as watering. It's new grass, remember! 

But, to get to the grinding point, we'll either fell or dismantle the tree. The difference is felling cuts it from the bottom and lets the tree falls. This is ideal is a place with lots of space. Otherwise, we'll cut sections of the tree from top to bottom. 

I Want My Tree Gone, and I Don't Care... 

If you want your tree or the nearby tree dugout for complete removal and satisfaction, then our manual tree stump removal is ideal for you. We will either fell or dismantle the tree depending on the environment, then remove it from the ground. Entirely! You'd be left with space to fill yourself.