Mrs F - Rainham

"Overgrown garden, broken lawnmower, endless rain and grass so long we needed to run away and hope for a miracle.

Garden Care was a phone call away and then the miracle happened.

We were rescued, revived and refreshed and now we are re planning so that chaos cannot return. Reliable and friendly gardeners keep our garden spruce and tidy, so that we can just enjoy it."

Mrs Mattocks

Now that I am unable to tend my garden, it is getting a new lease of life in the capable and willing hands of the gardener at “Garden Care”. Many thanks!

Olive Clark

"Defeated by ground elder, Beaten by a large conifer hedge we sought help. Sue and her Team impressed us from the start by their technical knowledge, skill and sheer hard work. Within three years they have worked their magic; and we are now enjoying a garden hitherto undreamed of. We find their suggestions and input not only helpful, but lasting. This is a team of people who lovingly put Mother Nature in her place. THANKYOU."