‘Garden Care’ was first established in 1989 by proprietor Sue Adams. But at that time it was known as Medway Garden Services. As the business has grown it has undergone a few name changes. Hopefully the Garden Care name will be its last change. The beauty of ‘Garden Care’ is that gardeners very rarely leave and if they do, we replace them with equally competent gardeners. Customers do not have to think about finding a replacement gardener or worry about the possibility of unreliability or lack of experience.

‘Garden Care’ is a very reliable service, we may not always come on the timetabled day, because of the weather or something similar, but we do always come. Customers do not have to worry about whether or not we are going to turn up, we always do. Worry about the garden becomes a thing of the past. Customers who have been with us for a long time value this.

Our gardeners are interested in, and enthusiastic about the gardens they tend and are as proud to look after them for customers, as customers have been in the past, when they looked after them themselves. Gardeners are happy to discuss things to be done in the garden with customers and enjoy customers taking an interest in the garden as much as they do themselves.

Some customers have no interest in gardening whatsoever, which is precisely why they have called us in. They just want to enjoy it when they have some leisure time. That is, of course, absolutely fine, we are happy to be of service to these customers.

Our business is whole garden maintenance. Whatever needs to be done in the garden to keep it looking neat and tidy the gardeners will do.

We don’t ‘only do mowing’ or ‘only do mowing and strimming’ or only do ‘mowing, strimming and hedging’. We do everything to do with garden maintenance.

The main gardener, on arriving at a garden to be tended, will cast their experienced eye over the whole garden and decide what must be tackled that day as well as the more obvious tasks of strimming, mowing and hoeing. Helpers will be guided by them. More experienced helpers will know the jobs that are their responsibility and just get on. Less experienced helpers will wait for instructions from the gardener, if need be. Although, the first job of all helpers on arriving at a garden is normally the mowing and they can get on with that if the gardener is talking to the customer.

All our gardeners are extremely hard workers. In fact I am happy to say that they are all, extremely hard working, conscientious, reliable and supremely capable!

Also they have huge expertise, whizzing around the garden in the blinking of an eye to expertly strim the edges of the grass to leave it looking sharp and precise. Or trimming hedges and shrubs so that they have straight sharp edges if that is what is required or curves as the job demands.

My three most experienced gardeners have all tended Mrs Norris’s Parterre Garden, before now. Leaving it as expertly trimmed as you see in one of our pictures. It really does show how highly skilled they are in what they do. Many customers have box hedging and box bobbles (as we call them), perhaps not as involved as Mrs Norris’s but all requiring a reasonable amount of skill and dexterity with the hedge trimmer.

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