Frequently asked questions

Q. How do regular payments work?

We charge over 12 month’s of the year by spreading the total cost of the 18 visits because, in the past gardeners have only been paid for the work that was carried out during the gardening season, but the result of this was that gardeners then had to find other work over the winter period.

When March came around for them to come back to work, they wouldn’t give up their secure income to come back to an insecure income. This meant that good, hard working gardeners were lost along with all the experience and expertise they had gained whilst working in the gardening the previous year(s).

This is why the payments are structured as they are. Customers are not paying for something they are not getting. They are paying during the winter for work they have already had during the year.

Because they are paid through the winter the result is, that they stay with me for years and years and years. They become very experienced and customers and their gardens benefit from this.